Funeral Director



Picaluna is changing the way funerals are done for the better.

The word death often brings up a fear and sadness for some and others a relief from pain and suffering.

As a nurse, a Transitional Guide, a

Celebrant and a Funeral Director, I am your first port of call.

I work with a team of innovative, caring and compationate funeral arrangers who are qualified to help you and your loved ones in every step of your journey to the last breath.

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                     The Picaluna Difference:

Offering genuine, personal funerals, helping community to honour, mourn,celebrate, heal & rejuvenate.

We are a movement for change within the funeral sector and we strive to be a force for good.


Why we exist, what we do, and how we do it, are all underpinned by values and behaviours we adhere to...


We communicate openly and honestly. We are committed to delivering genuine, caring funerals reflecting the person’s life, their family, friends and community. We are accountable for our actions, as we genuinely care about assisting people.



We are inclusive, not exclusive. We embrace you for who you are; welcoming and valuing the diversity of beliefs, age, sex, experience, heritage and culture. We accomplish greater things, together.



It may be a challenging time for families. We behave ethically. We are leaders, encouraging confidence it will be the best experience possible. We do as we say we will do.


We contribute to a healing experience, towards a healthy bereavement. We offer  families, each other and ourselves empathy, love and compassion. We create a safe environment for a healing process to flourish and a rejuvenation to take place. An extra-ordinary experience with no regrets. 



We ensure every funeral is affordable. We seek to understand every family’s situation, working with them to deliver a beneficial outcome, within their budget.



We are an open book. We are honest, clear and specific. Communicating in a kind, respectful manner. 

By being clear and specific, the more beneficial we are. The truth will set us free…


Nothing changes, if nothing changes… We change the way funerals are done for the better. We inspire creativity, by listening and collaborating with positive energy. Every funeral is individual; collectively, we collaborate to create better experiences.