The Funeral Process

How Does it Work

When someone you know dies. It can be a very emotional time. 

At this time, the last thing you want to think about is their funeral.

Let us lighten this burden & offer you the time & space to grieve.
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1. When a person dies, Picaluna Funerals will be able to take your loved-one into their care. Call myself or the 24 hour number above.

Key contact people
Throughout the arrangement process, you will need to specify key people who will perform important roles in authorising and making decisions regarding the funeral. It is important to think about who will perform these important roles as listed below:
      a) Informant: The informant is the person who will supply information       about (name), may provide authorisation on key documents and is likely to receive the invoice for the funeral arrangement. This role is required. 
      b) Next of Kin: The next of kin may be required if there is no executor or there are key decisions that the informant is not able to authorise. This role is optional but may be required depending on your unique circumstances.
      c) Executor: The executor is a representative appointed by the deceased who will carry out wishes of the deceased. This person may authorise key documents and will receive an invoice for the funeral arrangement.

2.  Picaluna will collect the information required and oversee the paperwork involved in registering the death and informing the state registrar about the cremation or burial.

4.  Picaluna will contact myself if you give my name or another caring Funeral Director who will contact you directly to arrange a meeting.

5.  I will discuss your wishes and answer any questions.  

An information checklist of things that will be needed at your meeting will assist with the flow of the arrangements. 

The Bereavement Advice Centre has a checklist you may find useful.

Their website may also have information that may help you with the process.

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Planning the Funeral 

1.  Your Funeral Director is there to support you and work with you to make the experience of planning a funeral as stress free as possible. You will be guided as to the legal requirements as well as the special options available for your loved-one. 

2. The costs that are generally unavoidable and the additional options are given to you as transparently as possible through Picaluna Funerals.

Only what you feel is necessary for your loved-one and for the family and friends will be added to the list of wishes.

For example: 

Unavoidable Fees: Transfer, Care Facility, BDM death certificate, cremation or burial fee and certificates, Ceremony Planner/Director and a coffin. 

A simple cremation without a ceremony does not have to cost much. Approx: $2800 - $3000.

However, most people prefer to have a Service with a Cremation or a Burial. 

Additional costs involved: If the coffin is present, Transport to & from the  venue, Service venue costs, Celebrant fee, Staff to assist - usually 2 extra people will be required.

Audio-visual assistant, Videography and live-streaming if required. Some Chapels have this as part of the venue package. 

You might like to arrange these yourself, however, we can help you with all aspects of the ceremony. A slideshow, Music, Funeral Brochures, Flowers and flower arranging. Special additions that represent your person's life. Pictures, Portraits in frames, their favourite drink to share with guests and any ideas that you wish to include in the ceremony.

The Wake

We can also recommend:

Catering, Decorations, Photos, Music, Video of Photos.

An Example of things you can do at certain venues:

At one funeral of a dear friend who was a very lovely dancer, I arranged two friends to perform a ceroc dance to his favourite piece of music. His mother knew he would have loved this and everyone will remember this moment. He was also an dog lover who had befriended a few furry friends during his years as a landscaper. The dogs were brought to the funeral wake by their owners to see him off. Another touching sentiment.

At another funeral, I poured about 30 sips of the gentleman's favourite whisky for everyone to have a toast. 

What would your loved-one like you to do for them?