Freshwater Funerals by Celebrations by Cate

Freshwater Funerals will give you many options and ideas for preparing a funeral for yourself or your loved one. 
I work with Picaluna Funerals with a team of dedicated funeral celebrants and funeral assistance to make sure the memories of your family or friends are respected. 

Allow me to create a beautiful ceremony.

You may contact me directly when someone you know is close to death or who has just died, or if it is in the middle of the night, you may call operations at Picaluna and request Cate Brockbank as your Funeral Director.

ABOUT PICALUNA - Words from the Picaluna website:

We want to help you to say goodbye the right way.


Picaluna is a business that offers a better way for family and friends to say goodbye to the people they love, through funerals, memorials and authentic life celebrations.

Picaluna is the brainchild of 4 co-founders, not previously involved in the funeral industry and from different backgrounds, but driven by a common need to change the way funerals are done for the better. They each had poor experiences with funerals for family members in the past, and felt that there must be a better way to do this. 


Their idea was to democratise the process of conducting a funeral, so that anyone could help their community through the process, to create more authentic, compassionate and affordable funerals. They developed Funeral planning software, which enabled people within a community to plan and conduct funerals for their people.


And so Picaluna was launched in October 2016. We started with just 4 funeral planners, who were all civil celebrants, trained to become funeral planners. From those humble beginnings, Picaluna has grown to where we are today, helping families across the greater Sydney region, Blue Mountains, lower Southern Highlands, Central Coast and Newcastle.


Picaluna’s values are underpinned by 100% price transparency, plus the donation of 5% of our profit from every funeral supports a charity of your choice.  Which charity would you like to support?

Why we exist, what we do, and how we do it, are all underpinned
by values and behaviours we adhere to...

follow the link to the Picaluna Website for full details

Check out the videos of the changing times of the funeral industry and embark on a new journey.