You Funeral Celebrant

As your Funeral Celebrant, I offer a caring compassionate creativity that allows us to

remember your loved one as the person they were in living.

I will listen to the stories about his or her life and create a script that is all about them.
I will respect his or her beliefs and incorporate only that which is relevent to your person.

I encourage you to write your stories or eulogies from your heart.
Those who attend whether in person or via a web-link will know your loved-one better than I and therefore your authentic story will bring out the best in the life he or she led.

It is usual for the coffin or urn to be put in place before the guests arrive and time given to the family to be in silence with their loved one before the doors are opened. 

The guests are invited in. I will enter last and pay my respects before beginning the ceremony. I will open the ceremony with an introduction.

Then introduce each person who wishes to speak or say a poem or sing a song. 

There may be songs, memories, poems, readings, a photographic music tribute to share his or her life story, photographs or special memorabilia of his or her life to bring back memories from the past. 

There will be tears of sadness and tears of joy remembering the person who has left this world. 

Talking from the heart can be part of the healing process for friends and family alike. 

A person's sadness may never fully lift but time, support and friends will allow you and those who loved him or her to live with that grief. 

There will be time for silence, for reflection and for prayers in whatever form people choose. 


To complete the service, we say the final farewell in the form of a committal.

For this, guests may stand, or they may like to place a flower or note on the coffin.

Some families may like to create a guard of honour as their loved one is taken to the hearse.

If a coffin is present, the pall-bearers will come

forward and carry your loved-one to the hearse.

Closest family members may wish to close the hearse

door as a final goodbye. 

For a memorial ceremony with the scattering

of ashes or the planting of a tree, we will make

our way to the place where his or her ashes

will be laid to rest. 

For a burial, there are other traditions you may like

to consider before the lowering of the coffin.

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